Skip the training wheels when your little one is ready to ride!
Learning to ride a bike on a Kinderfeets balance bike is very intuitive. At first kids walk with the bike, then, as they gain more confidence, they can go faster using their feet to balance them back and forth as needed. Before long, they’ll be whizzing along as balance becomes second nature.

-Recommended for kids aged 2-5, or when they can reach the ground with their feet flat.

-An adjustable seat ranges from 13-16 inches high to accommodate kids of various heights.

-The bike weighs a mere 8 lbs, so when your little one gets tired, it’s easy to carry.

-Tires are an airless EVA biodegradable rubber, so no flats!

-Bike sports a chalkboard finish and comes with chalk so you can customize your ride!

-Comes in red, blue, pink, green, black, and orange. Call ahead to see which colours we have in stock.