Essential Basic 2-Way Zippy Romper Fawn Melange

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Essential Basic 2-Way Zippy Romper Fawn Melange

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Parade's organic cotton baby rompers are designed for ultimate comfort & ease.

This is the must have '2-WAY' zipper style!  Quick double zippers allow for easy changes and cuddly comfort. Zip down to dress, zip up for an easier diaper change. Fold-over hand & foot mitts make it easy to convert this to a footed romper.

Features include inner zipper fabric backing and neck fold to protect baby's gentle skin.  All made with the very best GOTS certified organic cotton.

Fitted style is comfy and cuddly and ankle cuffs can be rolled up and down to adjust as baby grows.  

* Made of 100% GOTS certified Organic cotton
* Double 'two-way' zipper
* Produced fair trade in India