Puzz'Art Octopus 350 pc
Puzz'Art Octopus 350 pc


Puzz'Art Octopus 350 pc

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A puzzle challenge as fascinating and unique as a underwater seascape!

The first thing you might realize as you start sifting through the 350 vibrant puzzle pieces: there are no corners. Which means, you're going to have to approach this from a whole new perspective.

Search for like colours and patterns. Follow curving edges - Small spikes over here and long swoops over there. Arrange, rearrange, search, find, and sift tediously... It's endlessly challenging!

But - It's worth it. Soothingly cool colours with hints of warm orange and yellow. Mesmerizing coral patterns. Unique little critters. The finished puzzle is a true beauty you'll never want to put back in the box!

Dive into an adventurous new jigsaw experience with the 350-piece Puzz'Art Octopus.