the white cover of a board book with writing in orange and black at the top and a round illustrated pea on top of a square carrot stick at the bottom. Both have simple, smiling faces
a spread from the book with lots of round peas amongst one carrot stick

Citizen Kid

Colin and Lee, Carrot and Pea

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Lee is a pea. All of his friends are peas; except Colin. Colin isn't a pea.

And so begins the deliciously funny story of two very different friends: a small green pea and a tall orange carrot stick. Colin the carrot can't do everything the peas can, but he has some special carrot-y qualities that make him a very good friend to have. All about the beauty of making friends with people (or vegetables) who are different from you, everyone will love Colin and Lee's clear shapes, bright colours and the playful approach to everyday objects that make this book an instant favourite. Enjoy in this lovely and durable smaller hardback board book format.

Ages 0-3