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A small bag with a piece of cardboard covering it with a t-rex on it on a white background.
Some of the cards with dinosaurs on it on a white background.
Some cards with dinosaur bones on them on a white background.


Dino Snap Playing Cards

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Mudpuppy Games-to-Go Dino Snap! Playing Cards is a fast-acting game of matching colorfully illustrated dinos with its skeleton card. Perfect for playing on the go, cards are packaged in a travel-friendly drawstring bag for easy cleanup and storage.

- 2-4 Players

- Instructions included

- 40 Playing Cards

- Cards Size: 2.5 x 3.5", 6 x 9cm

- Ages 4-10

- Package size: 4 x 6", 10 x 15cm

- Pattern on back of cards

- Fabric bag is 100% cotton