An illustrated cover of the Global Kids card deck. A purple banner at the top with white words. Underneath are various chihldren around a globeon a green and orange background
An inside look at the 8 colourful illustrated instructional panels of the global kids deck.
on a white background the front of two activity cards, one about painting eggs, the other about kite flying
On a white background two cards with instructions for different activities

Barefoot Books

Global Kids Activity Deck

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Discover Global Kids, your new favorite tool for raising global citizens both inside and beyond the classroom! Developed by global education expert Homa Tavangar and the creators of Barefoot Books’ bestselling Mindful Kids deck, Global Kids includes 50+ hands-on activities divided into 5 categories to teach children about crafts, food, games, festivals and ways of helping others around the world.

Bright artwork by Sophie Fatus, illustrator of the bestselling Yoga Pretzels deck, make the steps on each card easy to follow. With its sturdy and flexible deck format, Global Kids offers educators, librarians, parents and caregivers alike an interactive, powerful resource for raising the next generation of global citizens.