The book cover has a green border with illustrations of rubber bands around the edge. An illustrated girl with a rubber band in her hands and a mischeivious look on her face takes centre with the title illustrated in pink letter above.
a full two page spread with simple illustrations of the child in a blue and white dress with short brown hair asking her mother if she can have a rubber band

Citizen Kid

I Won’t Give Up My Rubber Band

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An everyday object (the endlessly versatile rubber band) becomes an invitation to imagine new possibilities in the latest laugh-out-loud picture book from acclaimed author-illustrator Shinsuke Yoshitake!

What can you do with a rubber band? You can do everyday things, like keep it close when you sleep or bring it along at bath time. And you can do exciting, unexpected things, like use it to bungee jump out of a plane or to grab a snack. With a special object of your very own, the possibilities are as limitless as your imagination!

Acclaimed Japanese author-illustrator Shinsuke Yoshitake (
The Boring Book, There Must Be More Than That!, I Can Be Anything, The I Wonder Bookstore) delivers another laugh-out-loud experience in his latest picture book. With signature humor, wit, and boundless creativity, this charming story celebrates the potential of everyday objects to become catalysts for curiosity and play, at once honoring a child's attachment to favorite objects and opening the door to a world of exciting new objects and experiences.

Ages 3-5