Paola Reina x Minikane Doll Jahia

Paola Reina

Paola Reina x Minikane Doll Jahia

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Jahia is a beautiful 34cm baby girl vinyl doll made exclusively for Minikane®. The Paola Reina Gordis dolls are made in Spain using the highest quality materials. The facial features on Paola Reina dolls are hand-painted and their eyes are made of hard plastic with relief, which gives them a life-like expression. All fabrics and materials used to produce Paola Reina Dolls meet European standards with regards to quality and safety.

Dolls are a loved toy by many children, girls and boys.


  • The doll’s arms, head and legs turn. You can put the doll in a standing and sitting positions.
  • Large eyes made from safe transparent plastic.
  • The doll’s eyes do not close.
  • The dolls are handmade (eyelashes, freckles, cheeks, lips), which makes the Paola Reina dolls look very natural.
  • Role-playing with a doll stimulates the development of visual thinking, imagination, and speech.
  • Dolls are anatomically correct.
  • The dolls have a slight vanilla aroma.
  • Includes a pair of white cotton underpants.

Ages 3+