on a white background, two wooden trays with three different coloured bowls filled with matching wooden pieces in each. Two natural wooden tweezers one next to the tray, one on top of the bowls. Three purple wooden pieces next to one of the trays.
an interior scene with a child sitting at a table with a yellow wooden bowl in her hands. other wooden bowls of various colours are also on the table.


Rainbow Bowls Sorting Game

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Grimm's Rainbow Bowls Sorting Game includes: 2 tweezers, 6 bowls in 6 colours each with fish, star, heart.

Using the bowls, small children can sort colours and shapes, put the figures in, count them, and more.

For older children, the tweezer is the challenge. It is not easy to grab the fish to sort it into the intended bowl. Try stacking the pieces without knocking them down.

Grimms wood is only sourced from sustainably managed forests in Europe. Trees harvested include alder, lime, beech and maple. All colours and oils, used are certified in accordance with the EN 71 and CPSIA/ASTM 963 standards. They are non-toxic water-based colour stain & non-toxic plant-based oil finish.

Ages 1+