Armadillo Puppet
Armadillo Puppet


Armadillo Puppet

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Armadillos are peculiar mammals, found only in the Americas. The amusing Folkmanis Armadillo puppet represents the colours, patterns, and banding found on these unusual critters. Custom printed on soft-boa fabric with a pine-needle hairy belly, the ingenious design curls up and secures with magnets. Use all five fingers to animate the legs and head. 

Approximately 17 inch long, 8 inch wide, 7 inch tall

Recommended for ages 3+.

DO NOT PUT IN WASHER OR DRYER. Surface-washable only. Do not submerge the puppet in water. For spot cleaning, use lukewarm water and sponge with a mild liquid detergent to wet and lather fur. Rinse surface with sponge. Be careful not to wring or twist the puppet, or you may end up with lumpy stuffing. Dry by gently squeezing between towels, or hanging from clothesline to drip-dry. After it’s dry, shake it out.