A wooden cart with a handle to push and red wheels on a white background. Blocks of various colours stored in the back half of the cart. Some are stacked next to the cart. Two wooden parrot-like birds with felt wings at the front of the cart.
An interior photo of a living room with a toddler pushing the walker from behind on a beige rug.


Bird Walker

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The Bird Walker by Plan Toys is ideal for little ones just learning to get around on their own two feet. 

  • Birds peck alternately on wooden keys when the walker is pushed providing a wonderful example of cause and effect. 
  • 16 wooden blocks are included in the tray enhancing the play value of this beautiful toy!
  • A key allows the tension in the wheels to be tightened for very new walkers, then when your child has more stability, loosen that tension key and let ‘er rip!
  • Handle is adjustable for the height of your child allowing the walker to last long past the initial stage of learning to walk.
  • Made from sustainable, recycled, organic rubberwood.

Age 10m+