on a white background, a set of colourful rainbow wooden cubes in a natural wood tray.
in a white space, a hand holding a yellow cube in the foreground. Also in the foreground, another yellow cube and a snail shell. In the background, a pile of wooden rainbow coloured cubes
on a white background, a set of colourful pastel wooden cubes in a natural wood tray.
in an interior space, some pastel wooden cubes in a tray. An arced peice of wood and a flat plank act as a balancing boat for blocks placed on top of the plank.
on a white background, a series of pastel coloured building shapes create a tree and forest scene


Building Squares Rainbow or Pastel

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A classic building block set with vibrant colours. Choose from rainbow or pastel. Includes 36 solid wood cubes in wooden frame frame measuring 26 x 26 cm. Each single block measures 4 cm cubed.
Ages 1+

Grimms wood is only sourced from sustainably managed forests in Europe. They use alder, lime, beech and maple trees.

A note from Grimms regarding the care of wood: If you clean Grimms wood products only use a damp cloth. Do not submerge in water. Do not use hot water or disinfectant. Grimms stands for quality and long life. When making our toys, we carefully select the wood without defects. At each step, the quality of the wood is checked. But wood lives and responds to air changes. Wood is a natural product and not indestructible. Children should be advised and prompted to use caution with their special toys. If something breaks, repair the damage with wood glue.