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Kiss Naturals

DIY Glycerin Soap Kit

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Did you know you can make six different types of soaps from a single Kiss Naturals DIY Glycerine Soap Kit?

Choose from: Layered Soaps, Rainbow Soaps, Galaxy Soaps, Gemstone Soaps, Flower Soaps, and Hidden Treasure Soaps!

KissNatural's clear, SLS-free glycerine soap is vegetable-based and easy to colour with their glycerine soap-based colour bars. Choose from magenta, gold and blue. Or, mix and match to create your own colours! Simply melt a cube of clear soap along with the colour of your choice in the measuring cup provided. Add an all-natural fragrance, then pour the mixture into any one of the 4 reusable silicon soap molds. Let cool for twenty minutes and voila! Make 16 hand soaps in the comfort of your own home.

Ages 6+