Some brightly coloured blocks in a pile on a white background. A net bag sits behind them.
A child holding the open net bag that is storing the blocks on a white background.


Grimm's 30 Wooden Rainbow Geo-Blocks

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This 30-piece set makes a lovely gift for any child and is an excellent starter set for a toddler or young child. Babies and toddlers enjoy stacking blocks, making towers, and knocking them down again, and children over 3 years old enjoy imaginative play with these blocks. Grimm's beautiful, simple designs make this set attractive to young children, and the creations that result from these blocks are simply stunning. These blocks are sanded by hand and have no sharp edges or corners. Bacteria is unable to spread on their unvarnished surfaces. This set contains 30 basic pieces and comes in a convenient net storage bag.

Made in Germany.

Age: 1+

Size: Blocks vary in size, range from 2.5" x 1" to 3" x 2.5"

Contents: 30 pieces