On a white background, a basket of different coloured silks folded in a cylinder shape with a paper sleeve around the middle of each.
on a white floor, an array of different coloured silks in rainbow order arranged in a circle
a poster framed with photos with a checklist of things to do with playsilks
a girl in a forest holding a long stick with playsilks tied to it like a flag

Sarah’s Silks


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Playsilks are the quintessential Waldorf toy. They are beautiful, they nourish the senses, and encourage endless hours of open-ended creative play, as unlimited as a child’s imagination. These lustrous playsilks come in a wide variety of beautiful colours. Use for dress-up, puppet shows or to decorate your seasonal nature table. There is no limit to the uses children will find for playsilks!

100% silk, 35″ x 35″

Made fairly by Sarah's Silks in China.