Quut Beach Toy Set with Triplet
on a white background, a mesh bag with a cardboard header at the top with pictures of beach toys on it.


Quut Beach Toy Set with Triplet

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A mesh bag contains a Triplet, 6 rings and a ball, and a Magic Sand Shaper. These open ended beach toys are all you need for a great time in the sand!

The Triplet is a unique, multifunctional toy that is easy and fun to use. It’s part shovel, to help kids dig holes, build foundations and carve out moats. It’s part sand sifter, to help remove shells and other sediment, for smooth, shapeable sand. And it’s part rake, to let kids create extra designs. The hollow handle can even be used as water funnel to finish off the coolest sandcastles ever with sand art! Use the rings to make a ring toss game with the triplet, or use the triplet to catch the ball! So many uses for these simple toys.

The Magic Shaper is a revolutionary improvement to a classic toy. No more filling and flipping sand. To fill, move the shaper around as it fills itself! Then just give it a little tap, lift and magic…the shape is done. And your shaper will work their magic with snow or bath bubbles too!!

Made of durable, recyclable plastic, BPA, latex and phthalate free