Robin's Egg Blue Silk Wings
Robin's Egg Blue Silk Wings

Sarah’s Silks

Robin's Egg Blue Silk Wings

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Is there anything more magical than your own pair of wings?

Elastic loops that fit over the shoulders make these dress-up wings easy for children to slip on and off all by themselves. They have enough stretch to fit comfortably over clothing for imaginative dress-up styling. Hold onto the loops at the ends of the wings to see your wings outstretched! The natural silk flows through the air beautifully. Pretend to be anything - a fairy, butterfly, bird, dragon, superhero, airplane, or just a magical you!

Sarah's Silks Wings are 100% real silk, painted and silk screened by hand, eco-friendly, and made with non-toxic dyes.

A perfect addition to a halloween costume that can be used throughout the year.

Fits ages 3-8