On a white background, a rust coloured plush charater with a big nose, blue hair, a blue and white striped shirt and yellow boots.
In a blue room, a bunch of colourful plush characters
On a white background, a blue fluffy ball shape with feet, eyes and a tail
On a white background, a plush round charater with a small black sparkly bowler hat and leopard print soft pants, red boots, two eyes and a wide embroidered smile.
On a white background, A fluffy lavender moster with long arms, short legs and eyes hidden by fur
Les Schmouks

Moulin Roty

Les Schmouks

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Artist and Illustrator Delphine Durand has teamed up with Moulin Roty to create a quirky collection of colourful characters: Les Schmouks.

Six months of sketches, discussion, stitching and seeking out the right furry fabrics have led to the birth of these brightly coloured and friendly monsters, with interesting textures and big round eyes. Their huge smiles, disproportionate bodies and crazy fur make them a truly appealing bunch.

Boubou: 55cm

Mouni: 50cm

Pidou: 48cm

Choukette: 25cm

Chacha: 50cm