On a white background, 8 rainbow coloured bobbins on a board with a wooden needle attached to a red string ended with a red cap in the foreground. One purple bobbin is in front of the board revealing a purple peg that the bobbin can be placed on.
on a white background, a natural wooden board with 8 rainbow coloured pegs. Matching coloured spools are in front of the board. A wooden needle attached to a red string is in the foreground. Two bobbins are threaded onto it.
an interior scene, a toddler sitting on the floor placing a green bobbin on a peg attached to a wooden board.


Threading Bobbins Set

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Grimms Small Bobbins Threading Game includes 8 pieces (6 bobbins, tray and wooden needle)

This is very versatile in its play options: First children can stack. Then they can practice threading. They can sort and stack based on colour and the bobbins can be used in building and sorting tasks.

Materials: maple wood and limewood, non-toxic water based colour stain and non-toxic plant based oil finish.

Size: H = 4,5cm, L = 22,5cm.

Ages 1+

For care simply use soapy water with a damp cloth for cleaning. Dry immediately. Please do not submerge in water and do NOT use disinfectant or hot water.